Visual Showcase

The world is shifting to become more visual – and the business world is no exception. Over the last year we have engaged with thousands of professionals in legal, finance and leadership roles, understanding how they use visualisation in their day-to-day work. Here is our visual showcase of this.

The common theme? An understanding that visualisation is key to effective communication of complex information… and an acknowledgement that it’s no longer OK to present colleagues, clients and other stakeholders with dense information in written form only.

We see a huge range of visualisations created by legal and finance professionals. The StructureFlow Visual Showcase is a overview of the types we see created most frequently under the following categories. Download your copy at the bottom of this page.

Corporate Structures

Visualisations of corporate structures are everywhere. They help stakeholders understand, at a glance, the size, form and nature of the structure and set out key ownership details.

Transactional Structures

Transactions can be highly complex and there are a variety of visualisations in this area. From 200+ page steps plans, to one-page structure papers, they are forward looking and show how the “what is” will become the “what will be”.

Data Flows

As technologies enable organisations to capture more and more data, understanding where data resides and how it is transferred between different systems and organisations is critical – visualisation plays a key role in delivering understanding in this fast-growing area.

Disputes, Investigations and Claims

The facts leading up to complex commercial disputes and investigations can be very difficult to understand or summarise when set out in text alone. Visualisations are being used to summarise the events, facts or steps that gave rise to a dispute, claim or litigation process, and increasingly in court rooms across the world.

Process Maps, Flowcharts, Timelines and Decision Trees

Process map, flowcharts, timelines and decision trees are nothing new in the business world. Shown visually, they help break down a complex set of steps and sequences into a easy to follow map that can be used by a variety of stakeholders.

Visual Advice

Across different sectors and areas of expertise, we are seeing advisers use visualisation more and more on an “ad hoc” basis, creating simple diagrams to accompany a piece of tax advice, an idea for a potential new transaction structure, or to explain how a new regulation applies.

Download the StructureFlow Visual Showcase

If you would like more information and to see examples of how visual StructureFlow is and how it is being used to create the types of visualisations referred to above, please leave your details below and we’d be delighted to send you a copy.

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