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At StructureFlow, we have been partnering with some of the world’s leading law firms on structuring projects since 2017, enabling organizations to leverage data and intelligent technology to ingest, understand, analyze, visualize, and facilitate corporate structures and transactions. We’re committed to:

  • Helping professionals extract real value from their data, by rapidly building and iterating precise visual models of structures and transactions
  • Helping teams and parties collaborate effortlessly, with the ability to share projects internally and externally to ensure all stakeholders are aligned
  • Helping organizations identify unseen risks and unlock more opportunities.


Having worked with so many different and noteworthy organizations around the world has enabled us to garner incredible insights about:

  1. The TYPE OF STRUCTURING WORK taking place at top-class law firms and;
  2. How VISUALIZATIONS have helped them address and resolve many of their pain-points.

The aim of this whitepaper:

This whitepaper aims to share some of our learnings through the last 5 years, specifically helping law firms and innovation specialists identify new and unexplored opportunities in their businesses.

We will cover:

  1. The different types of visualizations created within law firms
  2. Structuring Professionals: Who are the individuals and teams using the platform within the firm, whether it be across practice areas or seniority levels
  3. Usage and Frequency: How the platform is being utilized and its most popular functionalities