StructureFlow has been awarded a government grant from Innovate UK, to further develop its visual structuring software. This funding will help drive improvements to the product and accelerate the delivery of practical and value-driven user features. The company aims to lay strong commercial foundations and expand operations into the global legal and financial markets.

The platform reflects the need legal and finance professionals have to convey complicated information to their clients in an accessible, visual and user-friendly way. This is due to the fact that these professionals are primarily textual in their thinking and dealings.

“StructureFlow aims to transform static two-dimensional diagrams into dynamic, data-rich, information maps, that can be navigated by multiple stakeholders as part of a transaction. We are extremely grateful to receive this grant from Innovate UK. With the support of this funding, our goal is to help lawyers and finance professionals unlock the power of visual communication.”

Tim Follett, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of StructureFlow

About Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the innovation arm of the UK government. It works with founders, companies and partner organisations. It drives the technological innovations that will increase productivity and economic growth across the UK. Innovate UK has invested £2.5 billion to push innovation across the UK since 2007.

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