Breaking down the FTX Collapse through Visual Modelling

In this exclusive webinar, Owen Oliver – Head of Customer Success, will take participants through the rise and fall of FTX and its affiliates using powerful visualization and modeling.

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Live on Tuesday 21st February, 16:00 GMT

You might have heard of the epic rise and fall of the crypto exchange FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman Fried, who will be facing trial for federal fraud charges later this year.  How could such a promising and endorsed name in the industry be worth over $32B one week and file for bankruptcy the next?  And more importantly, why is this an important lesson for every company exec to learn when it comes to the importance of diagnosing risks and regulating corporate governance that deal with ever-increasing complexities?  

  Join our webinar hosted by our Head of Customer Success, Owen Oliver, ‘Breaking down the FTX Collapse through Visual Modeling’, live on Tuesday 21st February at 16:00 GMT.

What is StructureFlow? 

  • StructureFlow allows firms to leverage multiple data sources to create flexible and intelligent visualizations 
  • It helps access & process underlying deal data, increase productivity, surface new revenue opportunities, mitigate risks and avoid mistakes.

Learn more about StructureFlow here.

Example Uses structureflow corporate structuring

Who is our webinar for?

  • Professionals and leaders within the legal & financial fields  
  • Parties and stakeholders who work alongside volumes of contracts, laws, regulations, entities, documents and relationships of ever-increasing sophistication. 

We’ll be deep-diving into… 

  • The unexpected rise of a digital platform that acted as a ‘custodian’, holding 5 million customers’ crypto assets at one point and earning huge endorsement from mainstream media, despite having little to no corporate governance  
  • The complex events that led to the crash of the FTX crypto-empire  
  • Four main problem areas we’ve categorized and visualized (using StructureFlow) that peel back the layers of FTX’s defective corporate and financial controls. 
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