The FTX Collapse, Visualized

You might have heard of the epic rise and fall of the crypto exchange FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried (‘SBF’), who will be facing trial for federal fraud charges later this year.  How could such a promising and endorsed name in the industry be worth over $32 billion one week and file for bankruptcy the next?  

And more importantly, why is this an important lesson for every corporate and investment professional and adviser to learn when it comes to the importance of diagnosing risks and regulating corporate governance in areas of ever-increasing complexity? 


Download the FTX report

We are excited to share with you our visual guide that explains the collapse of FTX. The report explores the events that led to the dramatic collapse of the $32 billion crypto exchange in November 2022 and how FTX’s defective corporate and financial controls catalyzed its path to bankruptcy and will lead to SBF facing trial in October 2023.

The document includes:

  • An explanation of how the company grew, and the practices that developed
  • A step-by-step guide to events in November 2022 that led to the collapse
  • An analysis dissecting some of the key causes of FTX’s downfall:
    • Defective governance
    • Financial chaos
    • The ‘legitimacy façade’

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