Burness Paull Success Story

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Burness Paull has successfully launched StructureFlow across various departments, from corporate to tax to anyone who wants to visualize a transaction or core process

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Walter Clark, Corporate M&A Partner,

Burness Paull

We were generating structure charts with Word or Powerpoint. It was brutal and people hated it… Now we can pull up a blank StructureFlow canvas live, on calls, and people love it!”

In this success story Walter Clark, Corporate M&A Partner at Burness Paull LLP, shares how StructureFlow has helped them kill two birds with one stone: using visual deal modeling to make their lawyers’ day to day lives easier whilst also ensuring benefits flow through for their clients in terms of the high quality output. He speaks to the pain points that lawyers and clients alike face when having to make sense of complex information, the benefits of visualization and how previous tools did not help alleviate the monotonous process of building structure charts. 

StructureFlow, he says, has greatly alleviated those pain points. It has allowed individuals and teams to visually and effectively progress multi-layered processes and client conversations, with the ability to securely collaborate with all stakeholders. 

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