Signing a 3-year partnership, Burness Paull are embedding StructureFlow across the firm to enhance their client delivery toolkit.

Burness Paull LLP, the leading full-service independent Scottish commercial law firm, are driving their innovation agenda forward with the adoption of StructureFlow. Signing a 3-year partnership, Burness Paull are embedding StructureFlow across the firm to utilise visualisation far more efficiently and effectively, enhancing their client delivery toolkit.

Speaking to Walter Clark, Corporate M&A Partner at Burness Paull, the significant impact of using StructureFlow in practice is clear. Here is what he had to say:

“What I’ve liked about StructureFlow from the start is that it’s legal tech which is genuinely solving a problem. It is a night and day difference in terms of what we used to do, versus what we can do now. Clients absolutely love the diagrams, which is brilliant, and what’s also vitally important is that it makes our lawyers’ lives easier – that’s a critical factor when we’re assessing something new.”

The firm have a dedicated innovation team continuously exploring how to best deploy technology and deliver high-quality results. Their Transformation and Innovation Group is delivering real change, bringing significant, long-term benefits to clients by balancing the energy of ideas with intelligent process change and smart technology adoption. Clark went onto add:

“We’ve had incredibly strong adoption within the firm, with so many of our people using it for different purposes, so not just classic corporate structure charts. Our litigators use it to show client’s timelines for court procedures, our commercial team maps data flows, and internally our own HR colleagues have created organograms for our different teams. So much of it makes the client experience better, plus it is much simpler for our own people. A true winwin.

StructureFlow’s Alex Baker, Head of Growth:

“What has been amazing about collaborating with the team at Burness Paull is having a shared vision for the future. We are delighted just how quickly they have adopted the platform across multiple teams and hundreds of staff.”

Clark’s view of how the firm can benefit from StructureFlow aligns directly with StructureFlow’s strategy, with a new release of the product due later this year.

“Some legal tech can actually make life harder, or create new challenges, but StructureFlow isn’t like that at all. It’s brilliant right now, in my opinion, but the roadmap for what it’s going to be able to do in the future is even more impressive.”

Tim Follett, CEO and Founder of StructureFlow, added:

“The world is becoming ever-increasingly complex. Visualisation can cut through that complexity. As we have seen with other industries, there is so much potential to visualise information to make it easier to understand. Visual thinking is the future of the legal sector.”

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