Create clarity from complexity

StructureFlow’s market-leading software visually models complex business relationships to make them easier to understand and work with.
Effortlessly create data-driven structure charts, steps plans, process maps and timelines to share with colleagues and clients.

We are supercharging the way business professionals work with complex information.
Trusted by over 50 leading professional services firms including

Powering faster & better outcomes

Efficiencies and reduced cost

Your users spend less time using outdated software and ways of working to achieve desired outcomes, so they can focus on the substantive work of delivering the highest quality professional advice.

Increased productivity

Team alignment and a shared understanding of projects by all parties drive faster decisions and accelerate processes toward completion in line with shared objectives.

Improved decision making

Working visually enables holistic analysis and understanding, empowering people to assess opportunities and risks better and strategically plan what needs to happen and why.

An end-to-end platform to unlock the power of visual working

Diagramming and visualization

Delight your clients with elegant visual content without the pain and frustration of using inadequate software. Our rapid diagramming features are specifically designed for your needs.

Data importing and integration

No need to start from scratch. Use existing data to automatically generate charts and enrich projects with valuable metadata. Achieve massive time savings via import from Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.

Collaboration and secure sharing

Quickly get everyone on the same page. Easily export content and share projects via secure links for feedback and collaboration, underpinned by state-of-the-art security, permissions and version control.

Transforming how professionals
think and collaborate

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StructureFlow’s innovative visual modelling platform is transforming the way business professionals communicate and collaborate around complex business processes.
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